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Sheet metal working with profoundness and passion

You are looking for someone who knows how to do it. We do - since more than 30 years. 

Sheet metal products for all situations

What impression do you have of the term sheet metal working? None at all? Or do you think of a punched black sheet, a laser cut from aluminum, or do you think of your stainless steel cooker hood or the dishwasher in the kitchen? If you are in mechanical engineering, you may see a painted protective hood in it. If you work in the electrical industry, you may think of a sheet metal box - a switch cabinet. You will encounter products made of sheet metal in all aspects of life and in all industries, only sometimes you don't see the sheet metal behind it. Our individual sheet metal processing creates products from sheet metal thicknesses of 0.10mm - 20.00mm and up to a length of 4000.00mm. We start with your idea, or your drawing, plan and develop the components, assemble them to assemblies, organize the surfaces and also the logistics. At FiMAB, you have a single point of contact for the entire process chain, right through to the preassembly of entire machine modules. Would you have thought that?

The most important reasons for sustainable processes in sheet metal working

Why is planning so important for one-off or small series production? Precisely because. It is of particular importance that things are discussed properly, planned properly and manufactured properly right from the start. With such requirements, the first part must be a good part. In contrast to series production, there is no test phase, no prototypes, or test parts. There is therefore virtually no reject rate for this part. There is only good or bad. Sure, there is a second chance. However, this is associated with corresponding costs and, above all, the loss of the planned deadlines. Nobody wants that.

Structure, structure and more structure

So for us at FiMAB, behind these products there is always a strong structure and sustainable processes in our sheet metal processing. From the initial idea up to delivery. In our process landscape, it is a matter of course that there is a unique article number with a detailed material and resource list for every idea, component, or assembly. Each item also has a 3D design, a digital drawing and the CNC programs for the processing machines.  This is the basis for ensuring that every colleague at FiMAB knows exactly what you expect from your product. In addition, this structure is the starting point for ensuring that the operations for your product are scheduled in the departments according to time and quality. This is the only way to ensure feasibility on the desired date from the very first moment. And at the same time this is the basis for the fact that you will get the same product in the same quality and design from us even after 5 years.

Ultimate customer focus

Are you looking for long-term supplier relationships based on trust? Then we should get to know each other. Together with you, we create price advantages through innovation and the consistent further development of sheet metal designs and sheet metal processing. And that's because we put your interests at the forefront of everything we do. Ultimate customer focus is not only on our homepage, but also in our shared corporate vision, in our corporate values and at the heart of our organizational chart. More Than 30 years of experience with customer projects create the competence to solve individual requirements and issues precisely and sustainably, to plan, to manufacture and to deliver with pinpoint accuracy. Sheet metal processing made in Germany.

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The FiMAB process landscape

Facts and in-depth information about the production processes along the value stream

3D product design

We will realize each one of your specifications perfectly. Entrust us with the most complex constructions and the handling of your data. You can provide us with sketches, drawings or CAD files. Your virtual workpiece will be directly transferred to our CNC-controlled laser cutting machines and bending presses. The CAD systems we use include SolidWorks and PN4000.

Data import in DXF, DWG, STP and IGES formats as well as, of course, all SolidWorks formats such as SLDPRT, etc.

CNC laser technology

The use of state-of-the-art laser technology allows us to process your orders quickly, highly precisely and independently of the geometry. We can process steel (up to 20 mm), stainless steel (up to 12 mm), aluminium (up to 8 mm) and titanium (up to 4 mm) with a maximum cutting area of up to 4000 x 2000 mm.

CNC punching technology

Punching is the go-to technology when the highest cutting productivity combined with a high depth of production in downstream processes is required. In addition to actual cutting, with a working area of 2500 x 1250 mm, many other requirements such as continuous beading; deep drawing; reshaping; deburring and thread forming can be simultaneously realized fully automatically in one work step for metal thicknesses up to 6 mm

CNC bending technology

At FiMAB metal cutting and bending work steps are carried out hand in hand, thus guaranteeing the shortest possible lead times. Our machines offer a wide range of bending options and have the performance to bend metal sheets up to 4000 mm long using six CNC-controlled axes. A special feature of this process is angle sensor technology, which monitors and corrects angles during the bending procedure to ensure the highest accuracy.

Mechanical processing

Highly effective completion of your sheet metal components with the shortest possible lead times. Counter-sinking, boring, thread forming, lathing, milling – our manufacturing plant realizes each of these steps “just in time”.

Surface treatment

Fine design thanks to polished surfaces in a variety of grain sizes; rounded corners or steel plate with no oxide layer – our grinding centre, with a working depth of up to max. 1150 mm, will provide your product with the final polish – in the literal sense of the word.

CNC laser welding

The best solution for joining of sheet components and housings. A huge advantage of laser welding is that no re-working of the welding seams is required after production. An automated, 100% reproducible process means that there are no delays whatsoever. Five controlled CNC axes are used to welded components with maximum dimensions of 400 x 400 x 400 mm.


Our WIG and MIG-MAG specialists can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as realizing welded constructions with oversized dimensions.


We are well-equipped to meet all your requirements, with a wide range of fixing elements and assembly tools.


We offer painting, powder coating, galvanizing, electrical polishing and anodizing in cooperation with our long-standing, tried-and-tested partner companies.

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