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Never again have to stress about coordinating individual trades in assembly production.

The recipe for success for reliability in assembly production is sustainable project management.

If the cumbersome coordination of all trades across many service providers and suppliers is too much for you, make it easy for yourself and order the complete assembly production. You “only” need one assembly and don’t want to deal with countless incoming and outgoing goods, invoices and deadline delays. The solution is simple: one assembly, one supplier, weekly status reports, one guaranteed delivery date, one delivery note, one invoice.

At FiMAB, we not only manufacture sheet metal components, but also organize everything related to assembly production. No matter whether it involves anodizing, powder coating, electropolishing, machining or even intermediate storage. We do this for you and take responsibility for quality and reliable delivery dates. Finally, we pre-assemble the assemblies as you wish. We control and monitor the tasks using an established project management system and with the weekly status report you receive the necessary transparency and security.

30 years of experience with customer projects create the expertise for reliable and structured assembly production. To break down your individual requirements and problems precisely and sustainably into parts and resource lists, plan, manufacture and deliver them with pinpoint accuracy.

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