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Design control cabinets quickly and free of charge

The software provider with a sheet metal worker attitude

Imagine there is CAD software in which the component is already designed. All you can do is enter your specific requirements and an individual product is ready. That's exactly what ARMARiO is.

ARMARiO control cabinet configurator

Why a sheet metal enclosure manufacturer suddenly develops design software

It is the experiences that lead to competence. And it is always the defeats, the crises, the mistakes and the failures that lead to the experiences. And we have gained a lot of experience over 30 years. Experience with the problems and requirements of our customers and experiences with the solutions that didn't always work the first time. It helps to listen carefully to customers and focus all your senses on the industry. Over the years, we have noticed that there is a need in control cabinet construction that no control cabinet manufacturer, including us, has been able to satisfy. So why does a sheet metal worker become a software company? Because he knows best how sheet metal can be economically formed into a control cabinet. Because he has sheet metal expertise and knows which standards the housing must meet. Because he listened to his customers and understood that, in addition to price, this industry is about speed, precision and reliability. That's why he sees an automated interface between software and production as the best solution for his customers. That's why it's important to us that the software for designing and producing the control cabinets come from a single source.

Manufacture individual control cabinets in batch size 1 quickly and economically

From discussions with manufacturers in mechanical and plant engineering, it is clear that there is a need to deliver individual housings quickly and cheaply. Just from the requirement, it quickly becomes clear to everyone that these cannot be represented sensibly using traditional processes. So we dismantled the entire process and realized that the biggest time wasters and costs were in the upstream processes, namely in construction and in communication between the different departments.

SAAS is the solution to wasting time

“Software as a Service”, i.e. software that is available to everyone in the cloud 24/7, is for us the key to economical design and production in batch size 1 - the “Segment of One”. The SAAS solution ARAMRiO offers all users in control cabinet construction free 3D CAD software for designing control cabinets. In addition, this software is very easy to use and the digital twins of our control cabinet models create a secure basis for the professional and standard-compliant design of the housing. ARMARiO is the first design software in the cloud that allows a user to carry out the entire process from design to ordering a control cabinet independently and without any knowledge of mechanical design. With the ARMARiO system, all functions and information, including prices, are available to the user anytime and anywhere. The traditional processes are removed from the departments and bundled and made available to a single user. This eliminates the time-consuming manual interfaces between departments and the user can carry out the entire process from design to order independently in just a few minutes.

Curious? Here you can test the ARMARiO design and shop platform without obligation:

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