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In the “Customer Experience” category, the innovative control cabinet configurator ARMARiO was awarded first prize by the company platform visable. The quick and easy CoCreation process for producing customer-specific housing solutions was the deciding factor.


VR Innovation Prize

The VR Innovation Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises 2021 from the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Finance Group was awarded today to the company FiMAB GmbH & Co. KG in recognition of the development of the digital configurator ARMARiO, for millimeter-precise and standardized series production of individually designed control cabinets in batch size 1.


ARMARiO is the winner of the SCHALTSCHRANKBAU Innovation Award 2020

The online control cabinet configurator was recognized as a special innovation in the industry by the trade magazine Schaltschrankbau for its unique and customer-centered design and manufacturing process.



Control cabinet configurator - How you can tell that this online tool is just right for you:

You don't have time to waste, you don't want to spend a lot of time arguing and you love getting a product that's exactly right for you. If you always need special control cabinets that fit precisely and quickly, then ARMARiO is the only automated solution for you in the world.

Discover the digital path to the perfect control cabinet.


Try it now for free.

Millimeter precision in all three dimensions - that's how it works.

Don't want long delivery times?

You build, sell or design special machines or series machines in small batches. Then you know the problem: The space for the control in the system module is always too small. The standard control cabinets in question are either too large for the available space or too small for the control. Special solutions that fit exactly are far too complex, far too risky and far too expensive for batch size 1.

Customized products delivered in just 10 days

Since January 2019 there has been a new and unique solution to this problem. A cutting edge solution, as my programmer would say.

With the online design and shop platform ARMARiO there is now a SaaS tool with which you can shorten the design and ordering process from 3 days to 3 minutes. Secondly, improve the quality of the case from perhaps fitting to millimeter-accurate and precise. And thirdly, shorten the delivery time from “9 weeks plus X” to a guaranteed 10 working days.

Digitalization makes it possible

It's really easy if you just do it right: With ARMARiO, 30 years of sheet metal processing are bundled with the requirements of control construction and the latest digitalization options in a SaaS solution. This is accessible to you around the clock, anytime, anywhere. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables the production of your individualized housings without having to expect additional costs compared to series production.

Finally put an end to lengthy decision-making processes

Without any specialist knowledge of mechanical design, you are personally able to design your desired housing with the help of digital models with just a few clicks. You enter the dimensions completely individually and with millimeter precision. By the way, without dependencies between height, width and depth. You can easily design the hole patterns using drag & drop. You choose the color from the entire RAL palette. The price of your design is constantly displayed throughout the design process. In the last step, you simply order your individualized housing with a click or pass on the offer created for you via PDF to the responsible buyer.

Order control cabinets online without stress

The result is a control cabinet housing that fits exactly and no longer needs to be reworked manually. And because with this solution the hole patterns are already set in the shell before coating, there are no “prescribed rust spots”.

As I said: “It’s really easy if you just do it.”

Try it now for free

Further information about ARMARiO, the online configurator for individualized control cabinets.

Download Operating instructions model 1


Download Operating instructions model 2

Download Operating instruction model 3

Download ARMARiO SaaS Firewall settings

Select a variant for your control cabinet or terminal box: single or double-leaf doors, stop side left or right. Then enter the desired dimensions. All models are scaled to the millimeter and therefore fit into any gap.

From a variety of possible add-on components such as buttons, control panels, main switches, cable entries and fans, you can easily generate them using drag & Drop every conceivable hole pattern. Place them freely on the 6 sides of the control cabinet. The con?gurator pays direct attention to plausibility, checks for collisions and displays them if necessary. at. To provide hinges, locks, mounting plates, etc. Of course you don't have to worry. These are automatically placed or dimensioned appropriately. Mechanical post-processing of the control cabinet is therefore unnecessary.

Surface-finished stainless steel or sheet steel? Which material and color can your control cabinet have? You can choose between coated or uncoated, smooth or coarse structure. Each control cabinet is produced directly in your desired color, to match the machine, or to match the company colors. You save yourself the process of repainting.

Order your individual control cabinet with just a few clicks. The data is immediately transmitted to our production. Or create the offer yourself with one click and send it to purchasing. Once you have configured control cabinets, you can order them again at any time or process them further.

The ordering process for a special control cabinet has never been so easy.

We deliver your control cabinet with the specified desired dimensions including all holes and recesses. A complex and error-prone mechanical post-processing in control construction is already carried out You can therefore save on a coated standard control cabinet.